30 Days of Female Awesome

Day Four: A female character you relate to - Daine the Wildmage

(beautiful art by mirics)

Ok if you haven’t read any Tamora Pierce books, prepare to be confused a fair bit over the rest of the 30 days, because I could honestly have done this meme on just her works alone. They are the most fantastic books, and each series within the main universe (Tortall) has a ridiculously awesome female protagonist. And as such, I will be dipping into the TP universes a fair bit from now on…

In the second Tortall quartet - The Immortals - Daine, or Veralidaine Sarrasri, is introduced as a homeless 13 year old with no family except for her pony Cloud. She is looking for work at a horse fair, and is taken on as assistant by the horsemistress of the Queen’s Riders (fighting force in Tortall). At age 23 I’m still nuts about horses, but at 13? Yeh this pretty much guaranteed my interest in the book. As it turns out, Daine is unusually good not just with horses, but all animals. As the book progresses this aptitude is revealed to be more than just a knack, and so we get the beginnings of Daine’s journey to become the Wildmage.

An affinity with animals is the main reason I relate so much to Daine - she is often much more at ease around the various creatures that seek her out than she is with people, and she’s shy with strange adults. I could barely hold a conversation in my early teens, but I was always at my local stables grooming and exercising the horses. Daine goes out of her way to help any animal, and I can’t walk by a frickin snail on the pavement without moving it to safety. I was (still am) insanely jealous of Daine’s magic, which includes the ability to heal animals as well as TURN INTO THEM. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? BEST SPECIAL ABILITY EVER IMAGINED.

Another way I can relate to Daine is that she grew up very fast, very young. Now, my family wasn’t murdered by bandits, and I wasn’t 13, but I had a pretty rough time before I moved out at 16 (to work with horses). So I didn’t really get the chance to mess around and grow up slowly, and neither did Daine. We also have similar features - out of control brown curly hair, blue grey eyes… And we totally both dig older men.

Ok enough! I could write about Daine forever, but I’ll leave it here. Coming back to Tortall soon though :)

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