30 Days of Female Awesome

Day Twenty-Two: Favourite female character you love but everyone else hates - Ginny Weasley

(stunning art by viria)

So maybe not everyone else hates her, but I was really surprised to learn that a lot of the Harry Potter fandom aren’t Ginny fans?? I have to admit that if I’d just watched the films, I’d be with you, no offence meant to Bonnie Wright. But she’s spectacular in the books!

As the baby of the Weasley’s, Ginny’s the youngest character we originally meet. As a 10 yo, she’s obviously confident and happy with her family, as shown on Platform 9 3/4. It’s really not surprising that she becomes shyer when she attends Hogwarts - there’s also the small matter of Ginny being possessed by Lord Voldemort. She spent her second year largely finding normality at Hogwarts, and being desperately shy and admiring of Harry - the boy who had saved her from Riddle’s clutches. 

By third year however, Ginny is seen to be doing her own thing. She’s taken Hermione’s advice and has relaxed around Harry. She actually has the chance to the Yule Ball with him - but she is loyal to Neville and turns Harry down. This is where I struggle with people who insist Ginny was always ‘hanging on’ for Harry. She liked him, definitely, but she didn’t revolve her life around him either. By the end of her third year she’s dating Michael Corner, and has most definitely got her own social life. Fourth year, and Ginny has become the vibrant funny girl we then see her as. She’s clearly Fred and George’s younger sister, and enjoys being center of attention. She’s talented at defensive magic, she’s an excellent quidditch player, and she’s talking to Harry as a friend. She even calls him out for being so stroppy about Voldemort possession. And of course, she’s a key memner of the group that heads to the Ministry in the Sirius rescue attempt.

Really, it’s very slow of Harry to only clock on the her in his sixth year. They’re very much friends by this point - with their own relationship, not just as ‘best friend of my brother’. I love the way they come together, it felt very natural and inevitable. Ginny is so good for Harry, and she’s independent enough to actually deal with him. It can’t have been easy to have your brother, your boyfriend and one of your best friends disappear on a secret quest, but Ginny rallies at Hogwarts and resists the new regime. I want to know more about her life after school, and see her as Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies.  Honestly, she’s brilliant.

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